Having just got back from a business trip, I'm now catching up with e-mails and events updates. The new addition to the calendar is the Edison Kagohara seminar taking place at Saigon Jiu-Jitsu (Star Fitness) this coming December 4th. May be a good excuse for me to finally visit Vietnam. Hope everyone is well, got some cool events coming up this month such as Full Metal Dojo 3 here in Bangkok, Asia Pacific Jiu Jitsu Submission International Open in the Philippines.

During my trip, I got to finally meet in person the famous Seymour Yang aka "Meerkatsu" and Bong Abad. Both accomplished artists in their own right with equal passion for all things Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It was a real pleasure to geek out with these guys over comic books, artists, bjj gis and kids since each of us are BJJ dads. Was the highlight of my trip for sure.


(4) VTJ Grapplers Crown information facebook.com/vtj.sustain.sakamoto

(11) Braulio Estima Seminar (Singapore) Equilibrium MMA

(15) Shunichi Shimizu MMA Seminar Monarchy MMA Combat Fitness Gym

(16) Bangkok Fight Lab Opening Party (BFL FB page)(Bangkok)

(18) Mauricio 'Tinguinha' Mariano Seminar (Raw BJJ Team + Arete BJJ)(Bangkok)

(19) Shoot 'Ryuku Free Fight Vol. 5' (Okinawa, JP) FB link

(24) Marco 'Sharpei' Machado seminar (Malaysia) Marcos Escobar BJJ

(31) IMPI Fighting Championship (IMPI FC FB page)(Hong Kong)


Tony Christodoulou MMA Seminar (Bangkok) The Bangkok Fight Lab

(7,8,9) Alexsandro 'Leke' Machado BJJ Training Camp (Brunei) Brunei BJJ

(8) ROLLHOHO GUANGDONG BJJ OPEN 2014 (Hong Kong) enrollbjj

(8) Matt Sung Lee BJJ Seminar (Indonesia) Jakarta Muay Thai

(8 & 9) Yoddha Fighting Championship (Dimapur Nagaland) www.yoddhafc.com

(8 & 9) Asian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Japan) IBJJF

(8 & 15) Jay Pages BJJ seminar (Manila) Manila Kimonos

(15 & 16) Gui Mendes Seminar + Masevais Drill Session (Singapore) FB PAGE

(16) Dumau Japan Open Jiu-Jitsu Tournament (Japan) www.dumau.org

(22-23) Asia Pacific Jiu Jitsu Submission International Open www.bjjfp.com

(22) Full Metal Dojo 3: No Sleep Till Bangkok (FMD FB page)(Bangkok)

(4) Edison Kagohara Seminar (Vietnam) Saigon JJ Facebook Page

(6 & 7) Bull & Tiger Grappling Tournament (Singapore) www.bullandtiger.com

(13 & 14) Headhunters Challenge IV (
Kota Kinabalu) FB events page

(13 & 14) Yoddha Fighting Championship (Mumbai) 

(20) Singapore Fighting Championship (Singapore) FB page

(21) Dumau Jiu-Jitsu Japan Cup (Japan) 

(24) Dong Hyun Kim Seminar (Phuket, TH) Tiger Muay Thai



(22) XII Copa Dumau De Jiu_Jitsu (Japan) www.dumau.org/

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