This past weekend was the IBJJF World Masters. A number of friends competed so I was keen to keep my ears posted for their results. One in particularly I'd like to congratulate is Edison Kagohara, taking gold in his division. Edison and I have never met in person but have been in touch thanks to mutual friends and he's continued to be a great ambassador for BJJ. Someone I've looked up to in his efforts to share BJJ for all. Congrats Edison!

This past Saturday at the Bangkok Fight Lab, Tony Christodoulou held an MMA seminar and this morning I was able to catch him for a quick interview before his flight to Greece. I'll post this as soon as I can transcribe onto BJJ-ASIA. Coming off a recent win, I hope to see more of him in upcoming MMA events here in Asia.



(4) VTJ Grapplers Crown information facebook.com/vtj.sustain.sakamoto

(11) Braulio Estima Seminar (Singapore) Equilibrium MMA

(15) Shunichi Shimizu MMA Seminar Monarchy MMA Combat Fitness Gym

(16) Bangkok Fight Lab Opening Party (BFL FB page)(Bangkok)

(18) Mauricio 'Tinguinha' Mariano Seminar (Raw BJJ Team + Arete BJJ)(Bangkok)

(19) Shoot 'Ryuku Free Fight Vol. 5' (Okinawa, JP) FB link

(24) Marco 'Sharpei' Machado seminar (Malaysia) Marcos Escobar BJJ

(31) IMPI Fighting Championship (IMPI FC FB page)(Hong Kong)


Tony Christodoulou MMA Seminar (Bangkok) The Bangkok Fight Lab

(7,8,9) Alexsandro 'Leke' Machado BJJ Training Camp (Brunei) Brunei BJJ

(8) ROLLHOHO GUANGDONG BJJ OPEN 2014 (Hong Kong) enrollbjj

(8) Matt Sung Lee BJJ Seminar (Indonesia) Jakarta Muay Thai

(8 & 9) Yoddha Fighting Championship (Dimapur Nagaland) www.yoddhafc.com

(8 & 9) Asian Open Jiu-Jitsu Championship (Japan) IBJJF

(8 & 15) Jay Pages BJJ seminar (Manila) Manila Kimonos

(15 & 16) Gui Mendes Seminar + Masevais Drill Session (Singapore) FB PAGE

(16) Dumau Japan Open Jiu-Jitsu Tournament (Japan) www.dumau.org

(22-23) Asia Pacific Jiu Jitsu Submission International Open www.bjjfp.com

(22) Full Metal Dojo 3: No Sleep Till Bangkok (FMD FB page)(Bangkok)


(6 & 7) Bull & Tiger Grappling Tournament (Singapore) www.bullandtiger.com

(13 & 14) Headhunters Challenge IV (
Kota Kinabalu) FB events page

(13 & 14) Yoddha Fighting Championship (Mumbai) 

(20) Singapore Fighting Championship (Singapore) FB page

(21) Dumau Jiu-Jitsu Japan Cup (Japan) 

(24) Dong Hyun Kim Seminar (Phuket, TH) Tiger Muay Thai



(22) XII Copa Dumau De Jiu_Jitsu (Japan) www.dumau.org/

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