Mr John Nutt putting on an awesome show (photo by Paul Thompson Fight Photography)
What an awesome weekend I just had here in Bangkok. Saturday was the premiere of Bangkok's latest MMA production, Full Metal Dojo. As I'm sure we're all now familiar with its founder, John Nutt, the evening was a good time to say it mildly. I'll be honest in saying that I was there to have fun hanging out with friends, support the friends that were fighting that evening and just having a good time, which I did. So I wouldn't do the fighters justice by writing a poor recap. Overall I would say the match ups were nicely done. Even when the fighters seemed a little green consider what most of us have come to expect from an MMA match, every fighter was game. So there were definitely some tough/exciting matches for sure. It's great to see an event and solid crew take up the mantle for professional MMA here in Thailand.

I didn't take any photos this time around but if you want to see some sick photos from of the evenings' fights, check out Paul Thompson Fight Photography.
(photo by Chinook) Shane Kohei Suzuki BJJ seminar @ Arete BJJ

Note to self, do not schedule a BJJ seminar the day after a MMA night out with the boys, hahaha. Despite my hangover, I wasn't going to miss the seminar with a Peter De Been black-belt, Shane Kohei Suzuki. He's the head BJJ instructor at Fight G and one of the most successful and active competitors to come out of SEABJJ. I remember the early days of the Thailand Open tournaments we produced here, watching Shane fight at purple-belt. I had never seen him before but was being told, I shouldn't miss his fights. So it's with great pleasure that I got to learn from him this past weekend. I kinda pride myself on having an old school game and reluctant to dive into the more modern techniques like worm-guard or berimbolo but the game Shane shared with us did a great job of melding the two, new and old. He kept things active and pursing for the submission, not relying on any position to stall. More so he provided some answers when your opponent only wants to lock down. I'll keep the details for those who actually made it to show their support. And shame on all of my buddies that talk big but didn't show cause you can't handle your drink.

Thank you Shane!
For those not familiar with Peter De Been, I first got notice of him when catching up on the Desafio matches which if you haven't, need to check out. Here's one I found via Youtube.

Earlier last week I got news that 'The General' will be in the area, a BJJ seminar with Fabio Gurgel is scheduled for November 29-30 which is next weekend! Hosted by Alliance JJ Indonesia, get yourself there as I'm sure it'll be a good one.

Also coming this December 13th, is Hybrid Combat Sports event in Ubon, Thailand. Check it out!


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