Catching up on events and unfortunately just missed this one but what an exciting bit of news, the first Johor BJJ Open in Malaysia. Below are excerpts from the NOTHING EVER HAPPENS IN JOHOR BAHRU

Date: 11th and 12th October
Venue: Central Area, Plaza Sentosa, Johor Bahru

Sponsors: Plaza Sentosa, REPS Fitness, Ultimate MMA Academy, Wahaha, YES, ONE Fighting Chmpionship and Potosan Corner. Massive thanks to them.

Participants from Fighting gyms from all over Singapore and Malaysia and one brave soul who flew in from Qatar come to our first JiuJitsu event and everybody showed just how much the skills are growing in this part of the world.

Participating gyms:
3S MMA Penang, Alpha MMA, BJJ Singapore, Crazy Monkey Defense, Excite Fitness, Evolve MMA, First Combat Strike, Fortitude BJJ, Impact MMA, Izza MMA, K-One, Kambiz Warriors Gym, Kinabalu Fighters, MEBJJA, Melaka MMA, Modern Street Combatives, Monarchy MMA, Monash University BJJ Club, Muayfit GFTeam, Penang Budo Academy, REPS Fitness, Shogun Fight Gym, SSF Gym, Team Highlight Reel, Transform Gym and Ultimate MMA Academy...

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