A drawing I did for Meerkatsu and his new "Heavenly Gi"

I think it's been quite a while without consistent updates and events-calendar that I'd be hard pressed to see how many still keep up with the blog. That's not to sound negative but just an objective realization on my ability to keep the blog going.

So with that in mind, I've decided to change the format a bit on how I post or how often I post here on BJJ-ASIA. It's now almost 8 years since I started this blog and a lot has changed. The scene has outgrown my ability to keep in touch with everyone from the original handful of blue-belts we were some years ago to the massive number of practitioners we see today. Traveling to another country to compete is not a cheap endeavor, nor is it easy to take that time for oneself when you have a fulltime job, wife and possibly kids. And while I would love to have more time to train, write, travel and compete it's just not possible for now. Maybe when the kids are older I can give it a second breathe.

I have not given up, BJJ for life!

This is what I have in mind:


1. I will update the event calendar Monday of each week

2. All events that would like to be shared on BJJ-ASIA and our SEABJJ FB page, please e-mail me at luke@bjj-asia.com with the following: event name, description, dates/location, POSTER!!!

1. I am open to post original content if it applies to the SEABJJ community. I would prefer to avoid mass promotion or products that do not originate from the scene. I'd prefer to support local brands as best I can or brands that are representative of our scene.

2. Writing original material takes time, a lot of time, even when it's my own thoughts about BJJ. And I'm just one opinion in the sea of practitioners with no wins to brag about. I'm just a BJJ-geek to be honest. So rather than give advice or muse about the state of BJJ today, I will focus on smaller topics and possibly share some artwork that I've done that's BJJ related for readers to enjoy. The more I can source from something that I'm already doing, the easier and more relevant I believe it will be.


I am also looking for those in areas of Asia that I am not familiar with or have contacts in. If you'd like to be a contributing member on a regular basis, please e-mail me (luke@bjj-asia.com).

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