I've always been impressed by the pressure that I've felt from smaller BJJ black-belts. The understanding of leverage and weight distribution they have is something I've strived for in my modest way. And while it's impressive to have a 60kg guy give pressure like he were 90kg, I think it funny that I get complemented for not being heavy at a whopping 103kg. It's a very conscious thing to not just smash my training partners with my weight but there's a part of me that feels I'm cutting myself short of my full potential as a 'heavy guy' by not using my weight more regularly. So without consistent use and practice, how can it be a natural thing when it comes time to compete.

I'm sure the answer will be different for all of us in this position. And some may not have a choice depending on the body types available at a given academy/gym.

Next time a smaller guy tells you to not be so heavy, tell them not to be so fast. JK

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