I announced earlier this month there would be a second part to the new batch of charity t-shirts. Besides the 4x disc set of Caio Terra's "Modern Jiu-Jitsu", I will volunteer my services as a jeweler to 3x lucky winners. 

All those who purchase a BJJ-ASIA charity t-shirt will be elligible for a customized sterling silver pendant. Below I've included an example of the pendant with my own design laser-etched onto both sides. So it's up to you to have your own academy logo or a design of your liking. I will work with you to make it something you will be quite happy with. The pendant + chain is 28grams of 925 silver (sterling) and will arrive to you in quality Luke Satoru box-set. 

A pendant of this size and weight would retail between $150-200 USD depending on the design. Color is also an option with resin, so win and lets' talk design!

To purchase you own charity t-shirt, please CLICK HERE



oni mascot power mannequin

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Unknown said...

Really nice work! Hope it inspires a bunch of members from the community to help out such a worthwhile cause.