2008 (Taipei, TW)

I haven't done too well about the posts this year and already it's been several months since the last one. To be honest, I just haven't had the time to give as much as I would like. My passion for BJJ has not waned but the hours in the day that I can dedicate to training or reporting on it is considerably less than before. I apologize for the e-mail situation, I'm just catching up now as I've finished a string of work-travels. I'll be home now for a few months and am looking to get through several projects that have been pending and it'll be a great relief to have them done. 

I'd like to improve on things this year by putting in some consistent mat-time and in turn having something to reflect and write about. Depending on when you started training jiu-jitsu as a young college student, working stiff or older gentleman it'll have an effect on what you can contribute. In the end it's all relative and we should only focus on what we can control. 

Thanks everyone for their continued support, e-mails and patience. Still working to make 2013 another great year for BJJ-ASIA and SEABJJ community. 


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