My deepest thanks and gratitude to all those that purchased a t-shirt and or made private donation to this great cause. I started the BJJ-ASIA blog to help connect the communities here in Southeast Asia and five years later, the community has generously given back to those in great need.

The BJJ-ASIA 5-year anniversary t-shirt charity project earned $3000 USD in profit which will all be donated to the Sarnelli House Orphanage this coming month. Established in 1999, Sarnelli House cares for orphaned children with HIV/AIDS with a current count of 260 children ranging from newborns to teenagers. This donation will help cover for medication, food and education.

T-shirts are in production now and should finish by next week, all shipments will be sent prior to the Christmas/New Year holiday. A massive thanks to Vince and the folks at Shoyoroll for donating 3x SYR gis to be raffled to those who purchased a t-shirt. This raffle will be drawn during my visit to Sarnelli House Orphanage this coming December 22-23 were I will be making the donation in person. The orphanage is located in Nong Khai, Thailand which is near the border of Laos. I'll be making the trip by train and will hopefully produce a video to share in the new year. 

While I am grateful to everyone that has supported this project, I would like to highlight some individuals and teams that really came through by making large orders or helping spread the word through their own jiu-jitsu network. 

Vince @ Shoyoroll

Kinya Hashimoto @ BT Brasil Blog

Seymour Yang aka "Meerkatsu"
Matthew Benyon @ Scramble
Kid Peligro
Caleb Queern @ The Fightworks Podcast
Ben Liu @ Ben Does Martial Arts
Lili @ MMA in Asia

Kowloon BJJ
Hong Kong BJJ
Triquest MMA
Macau BJJ
Taiwan BJJ
Bangkok BJJ

Muito obrigado sudeste comunidade ásia!

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