The final installment of photos taken at the 2012 Bangkok Open. Probably some of my favorite moments to capture when your teammates/coaches are going ballistic on the sidelines, rooting you on and screaming for your win. Thanks again for everyone that came to compete, support and volunteer.

See you all next year at the 2013 Bangkok Open! Osu!

Please feel free to use these images but I ask that you reference back to BJJ-ASIA with a link/mention. While it's something that I enjoy, it does take a great deal of time to do, editing from over 3000+ photos to what you see here. 

FULL ALBUM: CLICK HERE (more photos)

2012bkkopen_192 2012bkkopen_193 2012bkkopen_208 2012bkkopen_249 2012bkkopen_108 2012bkkopen_69 2012bkkopen_42 2012bkkopen_12

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