Tomoe Sushi_07: Chirashi Bday cake
chirashi birthday cake @ Tomoe Sushi (HK)

Hello Friends

The interest of this blog is to report on and help connect the growing communities of BJJ/grappling/MMA practitioners in South East Asia. It is my hope that I can develop this blog to later become a full-website with interviews, reports and calendar of events/competitions.

Luke (Bangkok BJJ)

-Sept 27, 2007

5 years ago, BJJ-ASIA was born. I'm quite proud to say that in this time so much has taken place and changed. What used to be a handful of schools with just a few events is now a full blown community of teams in every respective country and nearly each their own tournament. Jiu-jitsu/grappling/MMA events are now taking place nearly every month thanks to the growing network of like-minded people. 

A lot has changed for me as well in this time and but my passion for jiu-jitsu remains. 

I'd like to thank everyone that has contributed to the blog with news, articles and events. It's all added up to a wonderful history. 

The blog has always been a platform to promote those looking to build something positive for themselves and others. 

In the spirit of gratitude, I have an upcoming project to announce to commemorate this 5 year anniversary. Working on the final details but will have info ready by next week.

Thank you to all


Sept 28, 2012

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Ruy Menezes said...

Fairness and generosity that grow within this work is the BJJ ​​and MMA.
Your site is so right with everyone and always helping us to showcase our work.

Thanks for all the times I had to show my work in China, I hope bjj-asia.com grow more and more.

Ruy Menezes

Carlson Gracie Team