I know what I am posting is not jiu jitsu related but it is about helping those in need. If you've been following the blog for some time you know I have a passion for photography and capturing the action of both MMA and jiu-jitsu event alike. 

Well, I've produced a miniature of the first camera I ever got to shoot which used to belong to my grandfather having made its way from Japan. Even though he passed away over twenty years ago, that was the beginning for my passion in photography. 

So this camera is a tribute to him and this auction is my way of honoring his memory by helping those in great need. I am very grateful for the help from Bellamy Hunt from Japan Camera Hunter for coordinating this with me. Living and working in Japan, he sees first hand the ongoing struggle to rise from this tragedy.
Please help spread the word about this auction and take part in bringing hope to those that need it most.
If you are interested in placing a bid, please click here. I am sure there are a number of camera-geeks out there in the SEABJJ community. 

***This miniature’s parts move like the original, including; shutter-button, film advance, film rewind, lens, open back. Cast in brass with palladium/silver plating, hand-lacquered, heat-treated resin, 100% hand-crafted.
Thank you,
Luke Satoru


blackpaint_trip35_mini_1 blackpaint_trip35_mini_3

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