OMG, it's been ages since I last posted anything besides the event updates. Well, I've been more than busy with work and out of town guests but that's all coming to a calm these days. Getting back into a nice routine is more than welcome. Got a nice couple of months before the travel/work season arrives. 

Hope everyone has been doing well. I'm overdue to edit and post some interviews I did this past Spring. So now's the time I can get into that.

We've got quite a number of exciting events coming up this Summer into the Fall. Immediately this month we've got: 

2012 Taiwan International BJJ / No-Gi Tournament (July 21-22)

Leone Brothers MMA/Wrestling Seminar @ Juggernaut Fight Club (July 21) 

Rickson Gracie Cup (Japan) (August 4)

Claudio Calasans Seminar @ Atos Philippines (August 15-18)

Felipe Costa Seminar @ Bangkok BJJ/Ralph Gracie Thailand (August 25-26)

Kalasagan Asian Jiu-Jitsu Open (September 1-2, Philippines)

The BKKBJJ, Bangkok Open (October 27-28)


chuck said...

You forgot the Tourny in Singapore in early Aug.

LUKE said...

Could someone resend the poster and info to me at luke@bjj-asia.com.


Anonymous said...

Rickson Gracie Cup is in August as well i believe.


Darthsid said...

Hi Luke, please find the poster for the Cup of Friendship at the link below.