I'm sure most readers are aware that I'm a photo/video enthusiast, especially when it comes to covering jiu-jitsu events and visiting competitors to Bangkok. So to say that I'm excited about this new project from BJJ Hacks is a slight understatement. If you haven't seen their videos, be sure to check out their youtube site here (BJJHACKS). 

There latest project is document some of the grandmasters of jiu-jitsu that most are only known to those in Brazil. And while we're all aware of the likes of Carlos Sr. Helio, these grandmasters are also at the root of some of today's strongest teams and most accomplished competitors. BJJHACKS is making this 100% nonprofit documentary which means they need sponsorship from their fans/readers. Check it out, give what you can to help make this happen. 

I'm hoping to do something special on my end for this as I would love to see it. 

from the video site:
http://www.indiegogo.com/redbeltsbjj -- Help us save the stories and wisdom of these martial arts masters, before it's too late! We're making an important documentary about the few remaining Grand Masters of jiu-jitsu. To do so we need your help, and you can get some cool stuff by supporting us. Contribute to the project at this website: http://www.indiegogo.com/redbeltsbjj

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