Just kidding. No, what I'm referring to is the recent ban or attempted ban of MMA in Thailand by the Sports Authority of Thailand according to the recent article in the Bangkok Post.

a few quotes from the governor of the SAT:

"It is brutal and it is not boxing," said SAT deputy governor Sakol Wannapong who oversees professional sports. "It is against the 1999 boxing law."

"If you want to do this kind of business, you should do it in another country," Sakol said. "Organising MMA here could mislead the public into believing that Muay Thai is brutal."

This is definitely sad news for the MMA fans here in Thailand as events like DARE have done quite well to headline the sport to the Thai/International fans. With each event the viewership has grown and from the two times that I've attended as a photographer, always a 'spanktastic' good time as Mr. John Nutt (DARE MC) would say. I've attended many more Muay Thai events and have witness equal number of knock-outs, blood and pain.

What a number of us have found even more curious is an upcoming event produced by famed Muay Thai promoter and coach, Master Toddy:

While double-standards are nothing new for the ex-patriot in Thailand, it's a shame to cut short what could very well add to Thailand's international pull for MMA and Muay Thai to work in parallel. How many athletes travel to Thailand to train Muay Thai as their singular focus or to add to their MMA repertoire? Perhaps not on the scale of those looking to party on the beaches but still, it's quite obvious with the growing number of MMA camps, something is happening.

I for one would like to see events like DARE and Master Toddy's bare-knuckle fights continue and allow for its success to be determine by the fans.



Anonymous said...

It appears that some of the big mafia bosses are getting a bit worried about getting cut out of the betting action from MMA. We all know what the real motivation is here. How do they justify pro Muay Thai fights between 8-year-olds in the provinces? Oh, wait, that's part of traditional Thai culture so that is okay. If they want to ban anything, they should ban betting on Muay Thai. How many poor fathers have blown their wages betting on the local fights? Oh, wait, that's also cultural, so it is okay. The violence argument is ridiculous. Nobody likes a good fair fight more than the Thais, and that is something great about this country. Oh, well, in the end TIT, and what the big bosses want, the big bosses get. Mafia protectionism, lol!

jowdjbrown said...

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