Chatting with friends who live in cities like San Francisco, LA, New York and Tokyo I am jealous of the frequency of tournaments they get to attend. Mostly be way of car or train compared to Southeast Asia which most of the time requires a plane ride. So it's great to see academies taking upon themselves to promote smaller/internal events to help motivate their students. If reliant on a single event per year, it may be easy to lose focus and without goals, we may be too easy to coast from class to class. 

So with a smile on my face, I'd like to post some news from our friends at Taiwan BJJ. I'm a bit late in announcing this one but these guys are making each event they produce as professional as possible. A great deal of credit is owed to the TWNBJJ leaders like Makoto Ogasawara, Warren Wang, Christopher Ng, Justin Lee and Isaac Chang.

If you're looking to do the same for your academy, do it! These don't require to be anything fancy but serve as a great opportunity to:

1. gain more experience reffing a match
2. gain a better understanding of the rules
3. get experience running a small event and maybe graduate to something bigger over time
4. promote healthy competition within the academy and help students push each other to improve
5. have fun

Thanks to TWNBJJ for sharing!


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