Very excited to announce that this coming April, American BJJ black-belt, Jeff Glover, will be coming to Southeast Asia in collaboration with BJJ-ASIA for it's 2nd ever SEABJJ tour. Jeff will be visiting up to four locations which will soon be announced in detail with all the contact info needed. 

If you're not familiar with Jeff, he is one of the most decorated American black-belts, author to the 'Deep Half-Guard' DVD and host to Glover's Travels an online series where the black-belt visits famous academies throughout the US sponsored by NoGi Industries.

I remember watching Jeff compete as a purple-belt at my very first tournament back in 2005 at Grappler's Quest in New Jersey, NY. One of my favorite matches to watch is from the 2007 Pan Ams against one of my early heroes, Bibiano Fernandes. Jeff is nothing but smiles the whole match, loving every minute and gave the famous black-belt a real challenge, narrowly winning by a sweep.
  • Mundial de No-Gi Champion (2007);
  • 2x Pan American Champion (2006 and 2005 – brown belt divisions);
  • 2x ADCC veteran;
  • 15x Open Weight champion for different organizations throughout his career

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