This is from HKJJ's Makoto Aramaki, promoting their upcoming charity event for Japan Earthquake Aid. If you're in HK or Macau, please help support this event and help raise some money for charity.


Almost one year has passed since then.
Last year,2011/Mar/11th, It had a mega earthquake in Japan.
Hong Kong Jiu-Jitsu would like to show our deepest sympathy to the lives lost.
I'd like to do something for them.
And I also want to make a Charity One Match Fighting & Sparring Session this year.

We welcome everyone to attend this session or the match.
And the all fee of the match or session will be given to the Japan earthquake victims as donation.

2012 Charity BJJ & NO-GI(Grappling) One Match Fighting & Sparring Session
Date: 2012/March/11th(Sun)
Time: Weight in:12:30~ Start:13:00 ~
(After finished all match, The Sparring Session will be started.)
HKJJ Hong Kong Jiu-Jitsu
(Splendid Centre 8F-A, 100 Larch Street, Kowloon, HongKong)
Fee:100HKD Please pay on the match day.
(*To join the one match fighting or sparring session or both.)
Enrollment methods and on-lineregistration and the detail,
You can check on the HKJJ Blog.
We also welcome you come to the gym to join only sparring session or watching.
I would appreciate your participation and help.

This is the link for the post last year's charity sparring session.

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