Just received this from Ray Elbe and the folks at Tiger Muay Thai, a DVD instructional from this last year's 8xblack-belt charity seminar following the 2011 Thailand Open. Sponsored by the BJJAT and hosted by Q23 Academy, this promises to be an exciting set of techniques from the following instructors:

Rodrigo Caporal
Ray Elbe
Marcos Escobar
Stephen Kamphuis
Adam Kayoom
Makoto Ogasawara
Dan Simmler
Andy Wang

The months leading to the Thailand Open brought a lot of concern for those coming to Thailand to compete and while the downtown area remained safe and dry, the area north of Bangkok suffered greatly. I know several families that were displaced and are still working on returning to their homes. The manufacturing industry was/is greatly effected as Thailand is one of the leading sources for automotive and computer components.

So while the floods have receded, aid is still very much needed. I haven't all the details concerning the DVD but be on the look out as BJJ-ASIA will keep everyone posted. This could possibly be the very first instructional DVD to have come from Southeast Asia.

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