It's great to see the feedback on the photo-contest and to see so many friends, teammates and readers cast their vote for the best-photo contest, sponsored by Redstar BJJ Gis. I've given it a decent amount of time to cast your vote but as of right now we have Chinook (Thailand) and Jonna (Philippines) in the lead with less than 15 votes between them (as of the time of this post). 

It's pretty clear that in addition to BJJ, I have a deep passion for photography, which was rekindled a few years ago when I began documenting the tournaments I would attend. So these two loves, BJJ & Photography, have been growing side by side. And while I take photos of just about everything to the joy and dread of my friends who are often the subjects of my photos, there is a definite skill/practice needed for action photography. 

1. Know your camera and what it can and can't do. Just like a new gi, it's not going to make you a better player but make the best with what you've got.

2. Know your sport. The more informed you are about what's going on and what you can anticipate will happen, the better chances you'll get the shot. 

3. Practice Practice Practice. When I first started I probably brought home several thousand shots that would be edited down to one hundred and these days I'm shooting near a thousand and editing it down to two-hundred. Much like drilling, it'll take 10,000 repetitions to master and ingrain the move to where it becomes a simple reaction when live. 

4. Love what you do and have fun. Whenever you truly enjoy something, it shines through and is obvious to everyone around you.

I'd like to thank all the applicants that sent in their photos. There were a number of awesome pics that didn't get included but of over 80 photos submitted, only 5 could make it to the finals. 

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