I am very pleased to announce the official winner if BJJ-ASIA's first photo-contest, sponsored by Redstar BJJ Gis. Tikhamporn Chinook Auscharanuwat is the winner of his very own Redstar Competition Gi with 896 votes, 48% of the total votes out of 1,850. Of over 80 photos submitted, Chinook made it to the top-5 alongside Jonna Baquillas, Erwin Nolida, Dean Thompson and Martin Mauhay. All of whom will receive their own SEABJJ community t-shirt and runners-up, a pair of SEABJJ grappling shorts.

A big congratulations to all the finalists and a great turnout from the community and readers of BJJ-ASIA. This will be the first of more contests like this take place within the year. Thanks again to our sponsor Redstar BJJ Gis and to you, the community.
We took some time to chat with Chinook about this interests in BJJ and photography.

Could you share with us a bit of the context of your photo?
This Photo was taken at the first No-Gi Festival held at Fairtex, every one was so excited about this event. Tomi san was coaching his teammate from SSJJ. I was sitting next to Ref table which was close to Tomi san and his team. I remember that match was exciting and it was a good match however the way Tomisan coached his friend was so too energetic and drew my attention away from the match :D So I turned back and tried capture the moment.

How long have you been training BJJ and what got you started in the first place?
Royce Gracie's fights in UFC got me into BJJ world I always wanted to train Jiu-Jitsu for a very long time but I wasn't ready back then until August 2010. I started my first BJJ class at EMAC( Niti taught the class that night) and I started training No-Gi with Eric Gerber at Fairtex a month after that. And then I realized that I just fell in love deeply with BJJ. Now I've been training BJJ for almost 2 years.

And how about your interest in photography? When did this start and what subject do you enjoy most photographing?
I was introduced to photography when I was a little boy, my parent sent me to a photography summer camp just for fun.. I didn't pay attention much to the class because it seemed to be very difficult for me shooting photo in film format back then. I found many people around me afraid of camera because they always find themselves look bad in the photos.That is why, I became more interested in study more serious about photography a couple years ago because I wanna make people around me be happy when they see photos of themselves. I love every kind pf photography ( street photography, landscape, portraiture, sport or action photography ) but what I love most is taking photos of friends and family :D

What do you believe makes a good photo?
I believe that " be prepared and be at the right place and the right time" make a good photo.

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