PRO Fighting 6 - Fighter Meeting
Will Chope v Isamu Himura
PRO Fighting 6

recap by: Gareth Griffiths

TAIPEI, Taiwan : Pacific Rim Organized Fighting rounded out the year in sensational form, crowning Legacy Gym's Vaughn Anderson as its inaugural Heavyweight Grand Prix Champion on Sunday. Far and away the smallest fighter in the tournament, Anderson drew on his vast experience and well-rounded skill set to bludgeon his way to victory with three first round stoppages.

The event got off to an explosive start as Korea's Hai Suk Son knocked Clayton Jones senseless 41 seconds into their quarterfinal matchup. The American was tagged a couple of times during a brief exchange in the center of the cage, before collapsing in a heap as a bomb caught him flush on the button. Son followed up with a few more shots on the ground for good measure before the ref stepped in and pulled the plug on the bout.

Tournament winner Anderson's first appearance came in the second quarterfinal as he faced off against Tim Kretschmer, who was making his MMA debut. Kretschmer was horribly overmatched in a fight he took on only a few days notice. Anderson had his way with Kretschmer on the feet, landing punishing kicks and knees which soon put the young Muay Thai specialist on the floor. Overwhelmed, Kretschmer quickly tapped, the fight concluding 45 seconds into the first round.

The third quarterfinal saw Johan Mackie triumph in a bruising encounter with Nae Chul Kim, taking the unanimous decision after two punishing rounds of fighting. The fighters were evenly matched on the feet, each tagging the other with heavy hands and strong kicks, but it was Mackie's controlling work on the ground, including a couple of submission attempts, which swayed the judges in his favor.

The fourth quarterfinal was the quickest fight of the night. Originally scheduled to start proceedings in the alternate bout, Taiwanese fighters Wu Dong Xing and Ho Yi Hen were added to the main card as late replacements after two fighters pulled out of the tournament. Ho, a wrestler, went looking for a takedown from the opening bell. Wu, a striker, needed 17 seconds to leave his opponent prone on the canvas. Wu's victory put him straight into the final as neither Mackie nor Kim were able to continue.

The first of two superfights preceded the semifinal between Anderson and Son. Mark Striegl, originally scheduled to face Daniel Mashamaite who withdrew on the eve of the fight, took on Taiwanese wrestler Pan Wen Shi in a very one-sided affair. The fight went to the ground almost immediately, with Striegl raining down blows on a turtling Pan. Just when it looked like the fight would be stopped, Pan exploded back to his feet and instigated a furious exchange of punches and kicks. The fighters hit the mat again very quickly though, and this time Striegl made no mistakes, softening up Pan before taking his back, stretching him out, and sinking the rear naked choke in under two minutes.

Anderson's fights weren't all one-way traffic, though, and the semifinal clash with Son was his toughest battle of the night. Both fighters stayed active standing throughout, taking it in turns to land kicks and combinations. The end came suddenly with a minute left in the first. Son caught Anderson with a stiff jab, pushing him backwards towards the fence. As the South Korean surged forward, Anderson planted his feet and dropped the hammer, a huge overhand left finding its mark and sending Son to sleep for a long, long while.

Will Chope scored a third round TKO victory in the second superfight of the night, overcoming a difficult and frustrating first round on his back to emphatically break down Isamu Himura. Himura controlled much of the opening five minutes by staying on top of Chope, but failed to do any real damage. When the second round began, Chope made his intentions clear, working hard for his third successive victory by guillotine. Himura's dogged tenacity kept him in the fight as he battled out of submission after submission, including an especially tight rear naked choke towards the end of the round. However, Chope had also done some serious harm to Himura, using his lanky frame to good effect and landing damaging knees throughout the round. More of the same followed in the third round until Himura, worn down by punishing kicks to the body on the ground, couldn't answer the ref's call to fight.

The Grand Prix Final brought proceedings to a close as Vaughn Anderson took less than two minutes to stop a game Wu Dong Xing's challenge. The fighters circled each other cautiously at the opening bell,  throwing a few tentative kicks before Anderson took Wu down. Wu latched onto Anderson's neck and went looking for a quick submission victory, but Anderson was able to roll his way out of it and return to his feet. Anderson landed a crushing left which staggered Wu, and threw a front kick which Wu somewhat ill-advisedly caught with both hands. With one foot in the air, Anderson dropped Wu with another powerful left, swarming him on the ground with a couple more strong left hands for his third victory of the night, and the Heavyweight Grand Prix title.

PRO Fighting 6

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just to fix it, i didnt tapped for punches or knees, thats no problem. i tapped because i hardly twisted my feet (thats why i fall down). i instantly felt that something is damaged and tapped.