I received the last photo entries late last night and I want to thank everyone that entered. I will be compiling these for the judges to review. They will vote based on the criteria for the three topics:
1. genuinely unique facial expression due to applied submission (struggle) 
2. super-natural ability or rather acrobatic shot of throw/takedown/guardpass (action)
3. best coach/teammate photo screaming/yelling on the sidelines (emotion)
Now any category can make it so there is not a fixed spot for any three of these. Once the top 5 photos have been selected, these will be posted on BJJ-ASIA for everyone to vote on. These will be ready to view shortly. 
Best of luck to all the entrants.

This contest is sponsored by: REDSTAR BJJ GI

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LUKE said...

Over 80 photos were submitted for the contest.