Having missed this one I asked a buddy that had attended this seminar to write a recap and share some photos. Thanks to Brad Ku for sharing his experience with us and always excited to see world level competitors coming through Southeast Asia. 

Hi Luke, 

I was very lucky to attend Luana’s seminar which was recently hold at VERSUS.  A small group of about 11 people from various gyms in Hong Kong attended.  after a series of movements for warm up,

Luana began to show us one of her favorite attacks from the close guard position. i’m pretty sure a lot of us who went to the seminar have seen those techniques or something similar before, but what surprised me the most was the little details hidden inside.  such as
the angel of your toes which point at your opponent, the way of how to evenly distribute your body weight in order to stay close control, etc.

from close guard, she taught us 3 patterns of attacks.

1. to open, pass, get side control
2. to open, pass, leg gets caught, pass half guard OR take back and trap 1 arm and finish by a choke.
3. to open, pass, attack from turtle, take back and finish by submission.

everything was so precisely pre calculated. simple but 100% efficient.  there is no secrets but just need to drill and polish on them. i think one of the differences between an ordinary blackbelt and a world champ blackbelt like Luana, is how perfect can you carry out a technique in the match from the begining, make no mistake and execute it at the end. Too bad she had to leave for brazil the next day. I would have asked her for a private lesson if she could stay for few more days. i will attend her seminar again no question if she visits hong kong again.

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Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but BJJ-girls kick ass. Dammit, how did I miss this one?