All Japan Championships 2011 jujutsu

Organized by: General Federation of All Japan Jiu-Jitsu JJFJ / World Pro - WPJJ
Date: 2011/12/10
Location: Musashino Gymnasium
Membership card is required JJFJ.
Application period: ~ 2011-12-1 2011-10-25
Membership Types
Class only
+ Class indifference
Men General Member
¥ 6,000
¥ 7,000
Gold Man
¥ 5,000
¥ 5,000
Women's general membership
¥ 5,000
¥ 6,000
Woman Gold
¥ 4,000
¥ 4,000
How to apply:
Application Period
Registration ends: December 01
  1. - More bank transfer, January 12 (Thursday) Please pay before 15:00.
  2. - Registration is complete after payment confirmation
    1. November 15 (15:00) before, I was paid a fee, T-shirt competition - will receive.

    2. - Payment is by credit card or bank transfer.
      Payment details will be announced at the time of registration.
    3. - Except the game is not satisfied, please understand we will not refund the fee.
    4. - Foul, late fee refund by the case of unoxidized Please note we will not hurt.
Updating the color band
  1. - Sign up before the competition, at MY PAGE band colors that are registered with the JJFJ, please check. (Updated during the tournament after the application to become unavailable, when the Convention apply, please check the color bands are always registered.)
  2. - If no color band is updated, please let us know to update the band's affiliation to the instructor.
How to Apply
  1. - JJFJ will only apply from home.
  2. - If you have not registered individual members JJFJ, first have registered, please apply.

  3. Press
    1. - I hope the press in the area to inspect the game is a sign up in advance. Day of general reception at a press pass, please pick up.
    2. - Application does not do the day of the tournament, please advance to the application. Apply now by e-mail: Info@Jjfj.org .

    3. Tournament booth on the day of sale
      Booth space not subject to sales convention venue, individuals and corporations who wish attribution, E-mail Please contact us. Info@Jjfj.org .
      Sponsor, Sponsor
      Tournament sponsor, sponsorship, contact details and sample; Info@Jjfj.org .
Detail Check
By December 5, please check your application, be sure.
Changes after the date of the above Please note that you can not
Reception of the day
Anyone other than the following day, the day does not require acceptance.
  1. - New members (members still do not have a membership card)
  2. - Forget the day of your membership card.

  3. Metric
    Weighed immediately, wearing street clothes are made ​​before the start of their first game.
    Street clothes
    White, blue and black color Please note that non-disabled.
    An improper position of the patch and the patch, we would recommend that you have a spare in case of Jiu-Jitsu clothing or have broken.
    Membership card
    Do not yet have a membership card (new) members, please pick up day at the general reception.
    Also, I forgot the day of your membership card, membership card at the general reception provisional receipt please. Temporary membership card and will pay ¥ 500.



Anonymous said...

Please don't use translation software. It sucks. But thanks for the post.

LUKE said...

Hahaha, very true. Here is the link to the English portion of their site for this event. The information is lacking compared to what's posted in the Japanese version:


Anonymous said...

What did I just read?!

So it's not an open competition, right? Damn it.

Genious Person said...

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