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This won't be of interest to everyone but for anyone who, like me, lives in Thailand it's pretty seminal news.

True Vision, which is the only satellite provider in Thailand (there is another one apparently but you need a NASA sized satellite dish and I have never met anyone who has it) have decided, in their wisdom, to replace ASN with a channel dedicated entirely to celebrity sports gossip. This means that the UFC will no longer be available in Thailand.

ASN used to show every single 'numbered' UFC event live and show constant repeats of old events. The event always starts at 8am on  Sunday morning and in Bangkok there are (were?) quite a few bars which would open up early on a Sunday in order to show it.

MMA is developing rapidly in Thailand. There is a brand new show, DARE Championship, which is already selling out and there are multiple MMA camps here including Tiger Muay Thai and Phuket Top Team in Phuket, 301 Muay Thai & MMA in Hua Hin, Bangkok Fight Club and Boxer Rebellion in Bangkok plus Roger Huerta and Mike Swick are building a place in Phuket and there is a Team Quest starting up in Chiang Mai.

Every single major boxing match is broadcast live on satellite television and the big ones are always shown on domestic TV as well. This is a massive step backwards for the UFC because it means that people in Thailand no longer have any sort of televised access to it.

ONE Fighting Championship is going to be shown on ESPN Star Sports, which is much more widely available than ASN because it comes with a more basic satellite package so at least there will be one contemporary MMA show which is broadcast here.

For your average Thai person One Fighting Championship is probably of more interest because it features Thai fighters but for any ex pats here (and quite a few MMA people Mike Swick, Roger Huerta, Bas Boon etc live in Thailand) losing UFC is a real blow and it's difficult to see how the UFC will ever be able to put on a show here when they don't even have a TV deal.


Anonymous said...

i just got the platinum package asn was the only channel i think that showed hockey too wtf looking forward to all the upcoming fights this sucks

Anonymous said...

i just returned to thailand for 6 months and had my true visions setup and noticed that ASN is not being broadcast, wtf, ASN is the only north american sports channel that shows NFL, NHL, UFC. not happy

Anonymous said...

UFC coverage was one of the few highlights on truevisions. The standard of programs is going downhill rapidly, cosidering how expensive their subscriptions are.
Sports in particular are awful eg. table tennis. breaking weapons(!) and other minor events that are often over a decade in the past!
I was assuming they'd spent their whole budget pandering to the EPL...
Maybe it's finally time to cancel truevisions. After all, i can download the best events for free a couple of days later....

Anonymous said...

I get ufc every one on fox in Thailand

Anonymous said...

What happened to the Pettis fight last week. Fox 3 did not show it. Is True discontinuing UFC?