Very happy to introduce on BJJ-ASIA, Samulime Armor gis. Already making it over seas to Japan, this HK based company is producing some cool designed inspired by Japanese samurai graphics. I have no doubt we'll be seeing more cool products from this local company soon.

the new 'koi' gi from Samulime Armor

About Samulime  

A long time ago, a Samurai came to Hong Kong, and he realized that something was missing: Jiu Jitsu.  So, out of love for the sport, he helped found the beginnings of the ever-growing Jiu Jitsu world in Southeast Asia.  However, the Samurai noticed that there was still a problem: buying a Jiu Jitsu gi was expensive, often prohibitively expensive: many could not afford Jiu Jitsu gis, and instead bought low-quality Judo gis, which often tore.  The Samurai thought for a while, and decided to make his own high-quality Jiu Jitsu gis as a way to help his teammates and the sport as a whole.  He created Samulime.

Samulime was started with a simple goal in mind: spread love for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to Hong Kong.  The Samurai traveled a long way searching for someone to help him create a good-quality Jiu Jitsu gi in a traditional Japanese style.  When he finally found someone, he traveled back to Hong Kong to continue teaching and learning.  The Jiu Jitsu world grew, but Samulime did not change the values it was founded upon: quality, affordability, and the Samurai spirit.

Today, the Samulime team continues the Samurai’s work.  The team designs and creates top-quality gis and other Jiu Jitsu accessories for affordable prices so that everyone who is interested can train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

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Sinclair said...

Got mine this morning. Thanks Kei & Awa.

Really nicely done.