Just over 24 hours before online registration closes for the 2011 Thailand Open here in Bangkok. I've gotten a loose count of the registrants and we've already reached our goal compared to last years turnout. So no doubt there will be a healthy dose of competition for everyone come this weekend. For those concerned with the floods, it's been quite dry here in the downtown area but that's not say the country isn't suffering significant losses in other parts. The rural and suburban areas of Thailand are experiencing record high flooding but this does not effect our event. Of course the suffering will not go unrecognized and is why the BJJAT has turned this year's tournament into a charity event. 

-100 baht of your tournament fee will be donated to flood relief. 

-Should you care to make an additional donation, we are accepting any degree of cash or food donation (preferable uncooked rice).

-Post tournament, charity black-belt seminar @ Q23 (Emporium Suites, 8th floor)

So if you haven't already, register here!!!

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LUKE said...

If you are unable to attend the tournament this weekend but would like to donate to flood-relief in Thailand, please check out Red Cross Society: http://english.redcross.or.th/home