I've been receiving a number of e-mails asking about the date for the PROJJ trials in KL. Originally scheduled for late October, Prof Escobar and team have offered their full cooperation in postponing the dates to avoid schedule conflict. By having this open communication, we're able to support each other for the best turnout at each event without having to sacrifice one for the other. Myself and the BJJAT would like to thank Prof Escobar and Team for having such consideration for the community and their continued support. -Luke

WPJJC Trials Malaysia - just to clarify, the competition has yet to be 100% confirmed. We are still working on the dates for the competition and we are doing our absolute best to not have a situation where the Trials clashes with any other scheduled BJJ competition in Asia.

Right now the Trials would be too close to the Thailand Open tournament which is a traditional comp where I love to send students to compete myself.

The idea of bringing the trials to Malaysia was to spur the growth of BJJ locally and create more avenues for competitors. After having heard that athletes were deciding between several scheduled comps in SEA, we are now working on moving the dates of the WPJJC MY Trials to 2012 so everyone will have the chance to compete and no other competition would have to suffer from a possibly low participation rate due to its athletes having to choose which competitions to participate.

We understand that the majority of athletes compete for the love of the sport, and it is not the intention of the Trials to create a situation where one would have to make a choice between which competition to go for. The BJJ scene in Asia is growing and so is its avenues for competitions, and we fully intend to grow it positively.

We appreciate your kind understanding and we are more than glad to clarify should you guys and gals have further inquiries.

Please contact us via website - www.escobarbjj.com
Marcos Escobar BJJ Team
Leverage Combat Academy

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