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The Main Event

Jadamba vs Pang

Champion Adrian Pang is a complete, experienced fighter with endless stamina.  He is violent and can survive as much of a beating as he serves others.  Those unfamiliar with Jadamba, let me briefly introduce you to Pang’s toughest ever challenge:

A Karate and Judo expert, this tough Mongolian also has a Sambo background.  His most impressive performance, in my opinion, was in thrashing Japan's Akihiro Gono last year.  He is also a veteran of K-1 Max- not only facing, but taking many of The Max’s elite the distance- incl. Buakaw, Masato, and Kraus.

Despite his preference to trade, Jadamba is happy to fight on the ground.  I saw live his spinning heel kick to the liver on Muay Thai and MMA sensation “Bernung”, then the smooth armbar finish.  Plus he is Mongolian, so the chances of him being stronger than others in his weight are likely always the case. Trust me fans, Jadamba is a legit threat to the lightweight throne.

This is a very even match-up.  I also think it will be a great stand up brawl, but if the newcomer wants to dethrone the Champ he’ll likely have to put some of those submissions into use.  Either way, it won’t be an easy fight for either guy.

Liu Vs Brown

Brown favours the RNC, but obviously at his size has KO power.  He has good hands like his Strikeforce teammates, and Brown also has KO wins on his rap sheet.

Liu is not so easy to sub and very comfortable on the ground. He too has various ways to ruin fighters’ dreams.  I feel the key for Brown is to keep it standing and stay on top if it hits the ground, watch Liu’s guard though.  I expect Liu will be first to drive this fight to the ground.

Liu has a better chance of winning by submission, but he needs to get it to the ground early- at 93 kg's a piece, it’s never a smart move to play around- any punch could end it.

Ando vs Guan

Ando needs a fast submission and most importantly good control in this fight. Guan may be the most ruthless 70 kg striker out of China.  In his last fight, Guan straight up cracked his opponent's skull- I don’t mean the orbital bone either- we're talking the dense skull area under the hair!  Needless to say, Ando will need to hang on tight and hunt for the fast submission if he hopes to leave the ring uninjured.

Ando has what it takes though, although Guan has not yet lost in MMA, his weak spot will definitely be submissions.  Training with team Quest is great, but there just hasn't been that much time training the ground for Guan to feel comfortable there with Ando.

Ando might gun for the TD asap and if Ando is on his back, look for Guan to let off his skull-splitting GNP!

Song vs Hill

Hill should be careful in Song's guard, which is well conditioned for MMA.  Maybe Hill could pace himself a bit better in this one, waiting until Song is rocked before going in for the kill.  It was a back and forth war with Nam in Legend 5, and if those 2nd round punches were just a bit tighter the knockout punch may not have found a home on Hill's head  Either way, any Rob Hill fight is exciting.  We are all interested to see how Song does in his Legend debut.

Kim vs Whittaker

Ok first off, Kim has fought at 84 and Whittaker at 70.  This time they are meeting at 77 and Kim has reach on Whittaker, too. So right off the bat, this will be a tougher fight for the Aussie.  We know Kim- he has it all!  Whittaker likes to fight on the ground, but we know Kim is strong there.  Rod Macswain found the kink in Kim's amour - it's his boxing defense.  To beat Kim, Whittaker's best bet is to get inside and dump punch combos on Kim.  On the outside or on the ground Kim fights best.

Whittaker doesn't need my advice.  He is undefeated and knows how to KO and submit tough guys like Kim.  Let's see what my brothers at welterweight do in this match.

Kawanago vs Wu

Waaaaay down at the bottom of the card! Legend fans don't be late for the show, as this is my pick for fight of the night.  Anyone who saw Kawango punish Strigl in Legend 5 knows how devastating he is.  It was 15 mins of stuffing TD's and merciless beatings incl. flying knees,GNP and everything else.  The rest of the audience didn't agree with the judges in that one, but that’s in the books now.  No doubt this time Kawango will look to stop the fight early and avoid the judges completely, and he is definitely capable.  

In his way, is Chinese bad-ass Wu Cheng Jie.  I expect Wu will be better able to play his GNP game in this fight.  Against Tirta, the ground was not the best place to be.

Explosive, violent, back and forth, exciting- this is my prediction for this to-be fight-of-the-night!

Batgerel vs Siu

Both stand up fighters, this one is set to stay that way.  Siu is still raw on the ground though, and it won't take a grappling sensation to beat him there.  It should be a good fight and a fast pace slugfest to get the show off to a great start.

See you ringside!

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