Hello Competitors,

We're very excited as the Thailand Open 2011 approaches this weekend.  We already have over 220 competitors registered and hope to have even more by tonight's registration deadline (9pm, Bangkok time).  This year’s tournament, again, promises to be an exciting event!

A couple of things are worth mentioning about proceeds from the tournament and corresponding events.  While the Thailand Open 2011 will likely not be directly affected by the flooding crisis occurring in Thailand, there are many who are not so fortunate.  Flooding has reached disastrous proportions throughout the country.  Many people are in need of assistance.

We would like to announce that 100 baht from every competitor's registration will be donated to Thailand flood relief efforts.  We will also be taking independent donations throughout the day, during the tournament, from all those who wish to contribute.  In addition, 100% of the proceeds from the black belt seminar held at Q23 Academy on Monday, October 24th will also go towards Thailand's flood relief efforts.

We've received a few e-mails regarding the current flooding situation in Bangkok and whether it is going to affect the tournament.  The BJJAT is closely monitoring the situation, and as of today (20/10/2011), there is no indication that the floods will cause cancellation of the tournament.  Of course, if there are any changes, we will notify all competitors immediately.
A few important points to remember about registration:  On-line registration ENDED LAST NIGHT (19/10/2011) at 9pm, Bangkok time.  Walk-in registrants who have not registered on-line will be required to pay a 600 THB fee to compete in addition to their normal registration fee(s).

Weigh-ins will be held at BKKBJJ on Friday the 21st from 5-9pm.  Weigh-ins will be held at Lumphini Hall on Saturday the 22nd and Sunday the 23rd from 8-9am on both days.

Please make a special note of this:  All white belts must weigh-in on Friday the 21st, 5-9pm.  All other belts can weigh in either Friday night or Saturday morning for the Gi tournament.  The only white belts who will be allowed to weigh in on Saturday morning are those who have been given prior, written authorization via e-mail.  No exceptions will be made to this rule.  (White belts, please print out the authorization and bring it with you during weigh-ins.)  It is up to the individual competitor(s) and their team to ensure they comply with this requirement.  White belt competitors will be turned away Saturday morning if they have not received prior authorization.

A final note:  Due to certain limitations, vendors will not be allowed to transact at the tournament venue itself (Lumphini Hall).  Access to food and drinks will be limited.  You will be able to walk to vendors and shops outside Lumphini Hall/ Park, but we encourage all competitors and spectators to arrive prepared with snacks, food and drinks.  A meal with water will be provided to each competitor as part of their competition fees.  These will not be available, however, to spectators.  We do suggest competitors bring additional water for themselves.  Please communicate this message to all people coming to support you and your team. ***PREPARE AHEAD OF TIME AND BRING FOOD/DRINK FROM OUTSIDE***

On behalf of the BJJAT, we would like to thank you again for your support and participation.  We look forward to seeing each of you at the Thailand Open 2011.  Osu!

The Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Association of Thailand

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