The day after ONE FC, Evolve MMA hosted Mestre Renzo Gracie for a gi seminar. Thank goodness the seminar was at 3pm and not earlier, hahaha. More than willing and able but I had the fortune of hiding behind the camera on this one. Years ago I had visited the Renzo academy in New York by invitation of a friend who trained there. The class was taught by one of their well known instructors, John Danaher but Renzo could be seen in one of the private training areas with the IFL team, a now defunct fighting event. The class was in the morning but the place was packed and the seminar at Evolve was no exception. Predominantly white-belts, there were still a healthy turnout of purples, a brown and black-belts. Some even visiting from Australia (Gracie Oceania) which was cool to see.

Also in attendance was Japanese MMA star, Shinya Aoki among other notable fighters from Japan. I did take home with me some nice details but one the hilights was definitely watching Renzo coach Aoki on a number of chokes without the gi. A private session that I believe was spurred by a question asked about Gregor's fight the night prior where he had what looked to be a solid arm-triangle but unfortunately didn't yield the tap. 

Big thanks to Evolve MMA, Mestre Renzo Gracie and Chatri for having us over. 



TheCraftyVeteran said...

Great photos!

Banaswadi Jiu Jitsu said...

Renzo is a cool man

Anonymous said...

You mention in the title there was a Ralph Gracie seminar as well?

LUKE said...

Thanks, a typo mistake. Now corrected.