The latest news from the folks at DARE 2/11. Their second event scheduled to take place September 24th at Insomnia Club (Bangkok, TH).

Ladies and Gentlemen, the deal is done.

DARE proudly unveils the next level of the promotion:

The Champions of the first DARE tournament in its 8 weightclasses will
share a Million Dollars as a cash bonus.

The Championship has already begun and the winners from DARE 1/11 are
already on their way towards the grand bonus.

Joining them will be 14 new fighters, starting their journey towards
the Championship, now on the 24th of September at the DARE 2/11 event.

All the weightclasses are now open and DARE is looking to expand its
events and amount of fighters with more local, regional and
international talents.

Check out:



DARE is going to take the experience of watching MMA into a new level.

The first step is to start the online streaming of DARE events, live
from the Original Fight Capital of the World - Bangkok.

The events are available at www.darelive.tv for the pay-per-view price
of 4,95 US Dollars.

This is the first time, that MMA is broadcasted in Thailand in any live form.

More information and Promotions for all the DARE fans will be published soon.

Best Regards,
Mr. Rathtee Thitidonpipat


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Anonymous said...

Just curious if the Jussi Saloranta associated with DARE is the same one referred to on the comments of this article about a property scam in Phuket called Baan Paradise?


You know the old saying. 'If it is too good to be true it probably is'. 8 people splitting 1 million dollars is 125,000USD per person.

That is more the Forrest Griffin made in his last fight for the UFC and it seems likely an event with 300 people live in attendance would be able to top that fight purse.

Anonymous said...

I waited four years for the Baan Paradise is to be done.
Over the years they have been promised hundreds of times that it will be ready.
I have seen in those years when

Staffan Libäck Jonas Broberg Jussi (Jay Saloranta)

Driving around in luxury cars, spent money.
Jonas Broberg stepped out of PV, but then took the plot in Kata, which was bought for Baan Paradise money in other words, owners who bought the apartment money.
Jonas has made a declaration that he sold the plot in Kata and been cheated????
I find it strange that these people are not brought to justice.
We have a strong ownership group and we shall win
and take control off baan paradise thats the only right thing after this.
I really hope that Staffan Libäck is taken by the police soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

Finnish-Thai Company Under Investigation for Fraud

here: http://www.scandasia.com/viewNews.php?coun_code=th&news_id=5747

Anonymous said...

I don't know the fact but this post could cause damage to jussi. Please delete this post to make our community keep constructive.

Anonymous said...

It is important to know the aglleged firm, Ikaros Group, whom Jussi Saloranta associated with is being investigated for aggravated fraud - defrauded clients of millions of euros.

You never know the fraud money is money launder to this new organization beneath.

Be aware