taken from: ASIA in MMA (facebook)

Road FC, Korea's best MMA promotion has made another partnership agreement with newly promotion that based out of Thailand

Mr. Jung, CEO and president of the Road Fc announced about working together with DARE CHAMPIONSHIP from Thailand. This will make huge impact to the fighters from Road FC that they will have

more fights than ever since Road FC is working with several other promotions includ...ing Japanese Organization.

Road FC's main goal is to give more fights to their own roster and growth of popularity of MMA in Korea, it may a little different from the promotions who wanted to work with Road FC but sure it is a win-win situation.

Those promotions have their own TV deal and broadcast through the internet so it will make fighters more exposure to those promoters and big leagues out there.

Mr. Jung said 'You will have more and more chance if you fight in Road FC, and I hope they also picked up by some big promotions and being famous so that this sport could name itself with other major sports in Korea'

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