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All the fighters made weight and will be ready and raring to go at DARE Championship 2/11 tomorrow. In total there will be seven fights and all 14 of the competitors came in at the correct weight, although it took PROFESSOR an extra attempt to make the welterweight limit
ahead of his bout with BODIN. Here are the weigh in results in full:

LEK             vs      NUAY
60.4                    60.7

PROFESSOR       vs      BODIN
77.5*                   75.8

HAJA            vs      SLAYER
77                      77

SILVA           vs      WHITE SHARK
55.2                    55.5

ONE SHIN        vs      DK
70                      71.4

80                      80

KIM             vs      SHOGUN
75.6                     74.7

* Weighed 77.5 at the first attempt and had to go away and lose an additional kilo
With fighters coming from as far afield as Brazil, South Africa, Sweden, Poland, Malaysia and, of course, Thailand it’s going to be a truly star studded cast of world class international athletes. The show gets underway at 4pm sharp with an all Thai clash between LEK and

Fists will be flying and drinks will be flowing. It’s going to be full powered, fast paced, action packed, adrenaline filled event which the people lucky enough to get their hands on a ticket will never forget.

If you like your music loud and your fighters fearless then head down to the Insomnia Night Club tomorrow night, or check out the online broadcast which will be available for a bargain basement price of
$4.95 USD.

Online broadcast starts at 3.30PM - Bangkok time at: www.darelive.tv

The clock is ticking…. and in less than 24 hours...GAME ON!!!!!

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