Dare Fight Sports is proud to present the first Lightweight fight
(66-70 kilos) of the DARE 2/11 event, at Club Insomnia Bangkok on
September 24th:

ONE SHIN -Shannon Cai VS DK – DK Panjabutra.

Full fight announcement: http://darefightsports.com/news/one-shin-vs-dk

This contest will be be an all Thai affair between two mixed martial
artists from very different fighting backgrounds.

Panjabutra is a decorated, Black Belt Judoka with an extensive list of
Judo titles and accomplishments.

Shannon enters the cage from much less orthodox roots and learned to
fight from a senior in his Baguazhang (ancient Chinese martial art)
class who was a Vale Tudo champion in Thailand. He has an amateur MMA
record of 5-1 and will be making his professional MMA debut at DARE

The winner of the fight will proceed to the Quarterfinal level of DARE
Championship and will be one step closer to becoming the first DARE
Lightweight Champion and winning the Grand Bonus of 125,000 Dollars!


Shannon Cai has a 5-1 amateur record and has studied a variety of
martial arts. He originally started out learning Baguazhang, an
ancient Chinese martial art, but was introduced to the mixed martial
arts style of fighting by a senior student who had been a Thailand
Vale Tudo champion many years previously.

He went on to gain a Brown Belt in Judo and is the current Naksu –
Welterweight champion (Thailands Amateur MMA league), boasting an
impressive record of 5-1 with that organization.

He trains out of the Burn Shell MMA team in Bangkok. For more
information about Burn Shell, please visit:



Panjabutra is a member of the Panjabutra team in Chiang Mai which
contains many outstanding Judokas.

He is a Judo Black Belt who has won numerous titles and was on the
Thailand National Judo team from 1998 to 1999 and also won Thailand’s
Judo Championships from 1996 to 1999. He has a reputation for being a
bit of a brawler who has had more than his fair share of unsanctioned

He is a coach at the Panjabutra Gym in Bangkok.

For more information about the Panjabutra Gym, please visit,


Here are the thoughts of veteran MMA journalist James Goyder:

“This is a fascinating fight because DK s a bit older and has been
around for a long time but Cai actually has a bit more MMA experience.

Even though the rule set is amateur, Naksu – the organization where
both of these fighters have competed before, is still a very
competitive organization and Shannon showed a very well rounded skill
set winning five fights there.

Given his amateur record and his impressive previous MMA performances
Shannon looks to be one of the brightest prospects in Thailand right
now but DK is a wily veteran.

DARE represents a step up for both men and it will be interesting to
see which one rises to the challenge,” he said.

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