Dare Fight Sports is proud to present the first Bantamweight fight (57
– 61 kilos) of the DARE 2/11 event, at Club Insomnia Bangkok on
September 24th:

LEK -Robert Lek VS NUAY – Saengchot Parkaiphet.

It’s Thai vs Thai as two highly experienced Muay Thai fighters do
battle in the DARE cage.

Both have several hundred Muay Thai fights under their belt and a
number of regional titles but will be stepping inside the cage for the
very first time.

They will be representing two of Thailand’s top MMA academies, Ole
Laursen’s Legacy gym and the recently opened Phuket Top Team and both
will have been working hard on their ground games in preparation for
this contest.

The winner of the fight will proceed to the Quarterfinal level of DARE
Championship and will be one step closer to becoming the first DARE
Bantamweight Champion.

LEK – Robert Lek was a trainer at Tiger Muay Thai for several years
before moving into the Phuket Top Team. He has been fighting regularly
at the stadiums in Phuket and picking up a number of titles in the

He only recently decided to dedicate himself to MMA full time but the
word from Phuket is that he is an extremely dedicated student who is
learning very fast. He made his first foray into the world of MMA with
a bout in China in which he gave a good account of himself en route to
a decision loss and he is determined to post his first ever MMA win at
DARE 2/11.

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NUAY – Saengchot Parkaiphet is a protegee of top MMA fighter and K-1
veteran Ole Laursen who has been working hard on his ground game with
BJJ purple belt and Martial Combat veteran Malik Mawlayi.

Nuay holds a number of belts as a Muay Thai fighter including a North
Eastern Thailand title and like his opponent he has experience of
professional MMA in China but has never fought in an actual cage.

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Here are the thoughts of veteran MMA journalist James Goyder,

“I love it when you get two Muay Thai fighters in the cage together
because you know it is not going to be a boring fight.

These fighters might have a decent understanding of the ground game
but they are going to be much more comfortable staying on their feet
and exchanging strikes and that’s the stuff which exciting MMA fights
are made of.

At the first Dare event Ngoo Ditty and Daniel Mashamaite, who are both
outstanding Muay Thai practitioners put on the fight of the night and
I can see exactly the same thing happening in this contest ” he said.

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