This excerpt was taken from the recent post on Bloody Elbow with Road FC head, Moon Hong Jung.  

original link: www.bloodyelbow.com

Road FC Head Moon Hong Jung Talks Development of Korean and Asian MMA

..."There are a lot of good Korean fighters who have never been given that opportunity and there are too many good fighters without fights. I want to give fighters more chances to fight in international shows like One FC and Dare and I am also signing some promotional agreements with these organizations. I want to work together with Dare FC and with One FC to help MMA grow in Asia" he said.

A Sol Kwon, Seok Mo Kim and Soo Chul Kim all took on world class opponents at One FC 1 and gave good accounts of themselves despite losing close decisions. Won Seok Jung was more successful, winning at DARE Championship 1/11 and Jung was also in attendance at DARE Championship 2/11 to watch Seok Mo Kim get stopped by outstanding Malaysian Adam Kayoom....

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