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Alright, it's finally here, the 2011 Thailand Open online registration, presented by the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association of Thailand. This will be our 4th edition of the tournament and we're expecting a greater turnout then before based on the the interest sent in. Please take note of some important details concerning schedule, divisions, etc.

(Oct. 21 @ Bangkok BJJ, 1-5pm)
*This seminar is mandatory for active referees but is open to all those interesting in wanting to improve their understanding of IBJJF rules. Lead by Prof Stephen Kamphuis.

(Oct. 21 @ Bangkok BJJ, 5-9pm)
*This year we are opening the Friday weigh-ins to all belt-levels (white, blue, purple, brown, black). All weigh-ins must be with the gi on. 

(Oct. 22 @ Lumpini Hall, 7:45-9am)
*We have limited time to cover the remaining competitors to weigh-in so make it early. This is open for those that could not make it to the Friday weigh-in.

(Oct. 23 @ Lumpini Hall, 8-9am)
*There will be a separate weigh-in for the no-gi day. Please note the divisions are different than the gi by 2.5kg (lighter). 

Competitors may only compete in 2 categories in a single day. For example, an athlete may NOT compete in adult weight class, absolute, and the masters.

In the event that there are fewer than 3 competitors entered in a single belt/weight division, we will consolidate weight classes as needed to create larger but fair and balanced brackets. For example, in higher belts of the men's competition, we may need to combine 2 or 3 weight classes to create a single weight class with at least 3 competitors. We will notify the athletes of this situation, as appropriate, approximately one week before the event.
Adult 18-34 years (Male)
Master 35 years and up (Male)
Women (Female)
Adolescent 13-17 years


Due to smaller numbers of competitors in the following divisions, it is necessary to create appropriate weight categories. These categories will be based on the number and weights of competitors that register for each division. Please do not use the weight list above for tournament preparation. Instead, use the instructions for the following divisions:

Master (All belt levels)

Open (Free Weight Class)

Note: If there are enough competitors in this division, there is a possibility it will be divided into two weight categories (Light & Heavy). This will be determined the day of the tournament.

Women & Juvenile

Open (Free Weight Class)

Note: If there are enough competitors in these divisions, there is a possibility each may be divided into multiple weight categories. This will be communicated to the competitors the day after registration closes.

Purple Belts Adults (Maximum Weight)

Light (70.0 kg)
Middle (82.3 kg)
Heavy (No Maximum Weight)
Open (Free Weight Class)

Brown and Black Belt Adult (Maximum Weight)

Light (82.3 kg)
Heavy (No Maximum Weight)
Open (Free Weight Class)

Note: If there are enough competitors in these divisions, there is a possibility a third weight category (Middle) will be added. This will be determined the day of the tournament.

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Anonymous said...

can i compete in a belt level that is higher than my current rank?

Anonymous said...

No Bobby, you have to compete at your current rank.

Anonymous said...

I love lamp - Bobby

~s said...
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Anonymous said...

my name is not bobby and i am asking this question seriously. i got my blue belt in december 2007 and have not been promoted because i do not have an instructor. i have been competing regularly in the USA since 2006. i woud like to compete at purple if able.

Anonymous said...

Sure you can! you have my blessings- Helio Gracie

Anonymous said...

Im High
- Eddie Bravo