Update (08.09.2011): Demitri Telfair was presented with his purple belt earlier on July 24, 2011, just after the conclusion of the 2011 Taiwan Tournament. 

The color-belt ranks at Taiwan BJJ grew again with the promotion of five new blues and two new purples at a belt-promotion ceremony on Friday, July 29, 2011!

Resident black-belt instructor Makoto Ogasawara, brown-belt Chris Ng, and purple-belt Warren Wang, handed out a number of stripes and new belts on Friday. Promoted to blue belt were: Akira Sasaki, Tyler Ruben, Thomas Wong, Sia Mohajer, and Howie Hu. After five years of being blue, Eric Mah and Justin Lee finally got their purple belts!

Congratulations to everyone who got stripes and new belts!

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