First and foremost a big thanks to the host of this event, Fairtex Bangplee training camp and to Khun Chano and Eric Gerber. The requests from the local community of grapplers for a no-gi version of the 'white/blue festival' was heard and together with EMAC and BKKBJJ, this event was made possible. A big thanks to Bryan Garrison, Niti Techottiasnee, Minyoung Kim, Ben Weinstein, Pat Aphaisuwan and all the competitors for taking part and showing your support. We had a healthy turnout of competitors and supporters, filling in the MMA training space at Fairtex. Nearly every match was filled with action and is what we've come to expect with a no-gi tournament. The submission rate was high but so was the camraderie and sportsmanship. It was a great pleasure and honor to see all the local teams together as friends having a good time.

To all the teams that came to represent and have a great time competing: Fairtex, EMAC, BKKBJJ, 301MMA, Q23, 13 Coins, Saigon JJ, Leicester Shootfighters, Sriracha Seafood JJ, 3Monkeeez and Newbreed PH. 

I will be posting more pics as soon as I can.


Novice, 56.4-59.2 kg
1- Detchoot, Detchoot (301 MMA)
2- Parakawong, Saharut- Max (301 MMA)
3- Tontong, Komsan- Kom (3 Monkeez)

Novice, 63.7-67.6 kg
1- Rewtawee, Methus (301 MMA)
2- Kono (SSJJ)
3- Chano, Nurmakin (Fairtex)

Novice, 71.7-79.6 kg
1- Kiffin, Kieron (Leicester Shootfighter)
2- Pisanu, Glinpech (Fairtex)
3- Bourgoin, Tony (EMAC)

Novice, 82.0-83.0 kg
1- Auscharanuwat, Tikhomporn- Nook (EMAC/ Fairtex)
2- David, Thomas (Fairtex)
3- Grover, Anthony (13 Coins)

Beginner, 61.6-72.1 kg
1- Bjoon, Patric (Q23)
2- Ez, Julio (EMAC)
3- Khemtongpre, Kevin (BKKBJJ)

Beginner, 73.6-79.6 kg
1- Ozmalkoc, Taylan (BKKBJJ)
2- Dixon, Ben (BKKBJJ)
3- Miyoshi, Masa (EMAC)

Beginner, 80.8-87.9 kg       
1- Boobers, Carl (Q23)
2- Grimes, Steve (BKKBJJ)
3- Eskenazi, Jared (3 Monkeez)

Intermediate, 67.3-74.1 kg       
1- Keating, Connor (BKKBJJ)
2- Watthanakrai, Kraithawat- Dew (EMAC)
3- Kongkiattiwong, Sarawud- Do (EMAC)

Intermediate, 77.6-82.1 kg
1- Outrequin, Sylvain (13 Coins)
2- Haja, Chris (Chiang Mai BJJ)
3- Kotani, Hisnaori (Saigon JJ)

Intermediate, 89.2-92.9 kg
1- Kesler, Brandon (13 Coins)
2- Ziskinder, Lorne (BKKBJJ)
3- Yoann, Gouaida (301 MMA)


Most overall fighter: Keating, Connor (BKKBJJ)

Most technical figher: Auscharanuwat, Tikhomporn- Nook (EMAC/ Fairtex)

Most Exciting match: Nanri (SSJJ) vs. Bjoon, Patric (Q23)

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