Dare Fight Sports is proud to present the second Welterweight fight of the DARE 2/11 event, at Club Insomnia Bangkok on September 24th:

SHOGUN – Adam Shahir Kayoom VS KIM – Seok Mo Kim.
The fight features two mixed martial artists competing in the Welterweight Division (70 – 77 kilos) of DARE Championship.

SHOGUN – Adam Kayoom from ATT / Q23 (Bangkok) and Tiger Muay Thai & MMA (Phuket) will face KIM – Seok Mo Kim from Team Force, South Korea.

The winner of the fight will proceed to the Quarterfinal level of DARE Championship and will be one step closer to becoming the first DARE Welterweight Champion.

Adam Shahir Kayoom is originally from Malaysia but has spend years living and training in first Australia and then Thailand. He has won the prestigious WPMF middleweight World Championship belt in Muay Thai and has also either won competitions or held belts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Taekwondo, MMA and Muay Khmer.

He is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt and submission specialist with a professional MMA record of 1-1. Kayoom is also a popular figure in Bangkok where he has taught as a Professor at several BJJ schools and has a huge local following.

For more information about Q23 BJJ Academy and Tiger Muay Thai & MMA that Adam represents in his DARE 2/11 fight, please visit:



KIM made his professional debut just over a year ago but has already amassed an impressive MMA record of 2-2, with one of his wins being over DARE 1/11 fighter Will Chope. He has gained a reputation of being an entertaining fighter and one of the top talents of Korean MMA. He has a background in kickboxing and submission wrestling and trains out of Team Force, one of Korea’s top MMA teams.

He is a self styled pretty boy who claims to be a bit of a playboy, but with back to back submission wins in his MMA career he has managed to put his money where his mouth is.


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