I've been receiving a number of e-mails asking about our event and I'll admit we've been a little slow to open registration compared to previous years. The new online site/registration is due to be up within a few days and we are just confirming a few details. In the time being, I wanted to confirm the following for everyone to begin planning their competition season for this Fall. 

I know there are a lot of new/old events crowded the rest of the year but we're confident from the feedback we've received so far that the turnout will be stronger than before. The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association of Thailand has pushed to improve the quality of our events each year and 2011 is no different. 

What is confirmed:

DATE: October 22-23, 2011
LOCATION: Lumpini Hall (Bangkok, TH) Centrally located in downtown Bangkok accessible by BTS, MRT and Taxi
FEE: 2-days (1900 baht) 1-day (1200 baht)

*Tournament fee includes the following: competition t-shirt, lunchbox (details to be announced), raffle for lucky-draw prizes, sponsored items to be announced.

This year we are changing things up by opening weigh-ins to all belt levels the Friday of the tournament. Previously we made it mandatory for white-belts only and held off blue and up until Saturday morning. To prevent any delays come Saturday, we are now opening all to weigh-in Friday from 5-9pm at Bangkok BJJ.

*Friday (Sept 21): 5-9pm @ Bangkok BJJ
*Saturday (Sept 22): 8-10am @ Lumpini Hall
*Sunday (September 23): 8-10am @ Lumpini Hall (separate weigh-ins for no-gi)

MEDALS: Big and heavy as you've come to expect from us but we've made them a little more travel friendly.

COMPETITION AREA: 4x regulation sized competition mats

TABLES/BULL-PEN: We've revamped our system of calling each division and there will clear signage for competitors to see which mat is the one they should be at.

This year we are adopting full IBJJF rules and weight-divisions. In previous tournaments we've rounded the weight classes to larger groups but have decided to adjust that to be consistent with IBJJF standards.


We have the continued support of the Golden Palace Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 1. If you're interested in taking advantage of our discounted rate for tournament competitors/volunteers, please contact mkt@goldenpalacehotel.com with the subject titled 'bjj tournament'. It would help to CC this request with my e-mail as well, luke@bjj-asia.com. Please note, all tournament volunteers that wish to receive a discounted stay at the Golden Palace Hotel much confirm with me first and commit to at least 1-full day's work. 

Black-belts that are competing will not be charged a tournament fee and will also be given free hotel stay at the Golden Palace Hotel. Please note, rooms available are on a first-come-first-serve basis and we cannot promise there will be rooms available should you register late.

Brown-belts that are competing will not be charged a tournament fee.


The Friday of the tournament, a referee seminar will be held at Bangkok BJJ with Prof Stephen Kamphuis. This will begin at 1pm and end by 5pm. This is mandatory for all participating referees but is open to the public should you care to join.

This year we are unable to sell any product at the event space. Therefore, we will be setting up a temporary store just nextdoor to Bangkok BJJ where you can find great deals on local and international brands: SEABJJ, Bull Terrier, Redstar JJ, Fairtex, Kauai Kimonos, Shoyoroll + more.

The monday following the tournament we will host a special black-belt seminar at Bangkok BJJ starting at 1pm. Last year this event hosted more than 8 black-belts under one roof and went on until roughly 8pm.


Anonymous said...

So just to clarify, separate IBJJF weight classes will be adopted for both Gi and No-Gi or will it be like last year where both are the same?


Anonymous said...

so much money and no cash prize?? wtf

LUKE said...

Yes, I will add the weight-divisions to the post for the no-gi portion. They are roughly 2.5kg difference between the gi and no-gi, the gi being heavier to account for the weight of uniform.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much Luke!

Anonymous said...

Is online registration open yet?

LUKE said...

We are scheduled to launch this week. Will post as soon as it's ready.

Anonymous said...

Hi Luke. Are you sure the link to Bangkok BJJ's website is safe to click? My antivirus program keeps giving me warnings when I try to open it. Thanks.

Brad West said...

Do you know who's coming to the "Monday Black-Belt Seminar" yet? Any big name's?