Legend FC 5 (English)
After not having competed in MMA for over 2 years, the world of MMA in Asia has evolved a lot.  My teammate Yohan Mulia Legowo already has competed at Legend FC, the best MMA organization in Asia.  Looking at my teammate’s results, I was motivated to compete in the same organization.

For this fight I prepared myself in Jakarta and Bali.  In Jakarta, I did my strength and conditioning training at North Gym, my boxing with ex-national boxing coach Vicky Von Room, and my BJJ and MMA with my students.

In Bali, I trained at the Synergy Academy with my BJJ and MMA coach, Niko Han.  We trained conditioning, sparring, drilling techniques and working on strategy.  To perfect my preparation, Niko brought me to a very spiritual place.  Genah Melukat is a place where people mediate under a waterfall up in the mountains of Bali in Ubud.  My mind felt very clear after mediating there, it cleansed all my doubts, fears and anxieties. 


A month has passed since the start of my preparation in Bali, now Niko and I are on our way to Macau.  Arriving in Macau I was mesmerized on the beauty of the city, the glittering casino buildings were startling.  We stayed at the Grand Hyatt, a five star hotel.  Legend FC really knows how to treat their fighters well.

When I saw my opponent, I had no emotions.  I knew he is a very skilled fighter, the best Chinese fighter in the weight division, but that did not scare me.  During this fight I was felt very relaxed.  I did not feel any anxiety or fear because I knew this is what I wanted and this is where I wanted to be, I was really looking forward doing this again.  I’ve prepared as best I can, technically, strategically, physically and spiritually.

When I entered the ring I felt very calm and confident.  In the first round I was able to execute a takedown and secure a power-guillotine choke, unfortunately he was saved by the bell.  I let go of the submission and noticed that he was already half passed out.  I was certain he would not be able to recover in round 2. 


Entering round 2 he was completely recovered.  Once again I was able to take him down and attack with knees to the head.  I delivered dozens of knees to his head, but again the bell saved him.  At the end of the second round I saw that he was damaged from all the knees, this time I was convinced that he would not be able to recuperate in round 3.  Turns out entering round 3 he was fully recovered.

I’m aware that this time my opponent is a very tough fighter, he does not give up and the choke and multiple knees I delivered to his head did not affect him.  I myself am also a tough fighter, although I was exhausted, I would never give up.  I don’t fight for myself, I fight to represent our school, Synergy, for all my students that support me, for my child and wife that never stopped praying for me, and for the sake of my country Indonesia that I love.  In Round 3, I tried to beat him but was too tired to implement any of my effective attacks.  The bell rang and I was declared the winner by unanimous decision.

I’m very happy that I was able to win this fight, all the training and sacrifice paid off.  The biggest sacrifice was that I had to leave my child and wife for a whole month.  The biggest gift from winning this fight was returning to my child and wife’s arms with my head up.

My opponent is from China Top Team, a team that has the best fighters from all over China.  All the China Top Team fighters won their fights that night, except my opponent.  China Top Team was very disappointed with my opponent’s performance, but a martial arts expert said, “Don’t undervalue Wu Cheng Jie, although he lost, he only lost by decision against the best fighter in that event, you should not be disappointed”, and China Top Team’s coach replied, “So what? Our team is the best team in the world.”

Hearing that I was very envious with the mentality they have.  They have the mentality that they are the best team in the world; I don’t have that kind of mentality, I didn’t feel like that my team is the best in the world.  Hearing that I promised myself that I would make our team the best team in the world.  In order to accomplish this, I have to win the title on October 29, 2011.  I have to prove to the world that our team is the best team in the world, the winning team.  One day I can say proudly that Synergy Top Team is the best team in the world.



Ruy Menezes said...

Hi Fransino and Niko,
Congrats for last Performance in LegendFC5, but your Opponent never training in China Top Team.
I never see him before Macau.

Ruy Menezes
China Top Team Head Coach

Jiu Jitsu Indianapolis said...

Great article, thanks!!