My Name Ruy Menezes, I'm Brazilian and Black Belt 3 Degree In Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
I Live in Beijing almost 3 Years and work in China Top Team MMA.
I come to Beijing since 2003, taught classes in Beijing Jiu-Jitsu Academy and seminar at the University of Xian in 2005.
I trained with Grand Master Carlson Gracie Academy competed for 10 years with the renowned champions, Ze Mario Sperry, Murilo Bustamante, Ricardo Liborio, Walid Ismail, Bebeo Duarte, Amaury Bitteti among others.
After I moved to Brazilian Top Team, where I trained for 4 years No Gi, Muay Thay (Paulo Nikolay), Boxing (Claudio Coelho) and Wrestling ( Darrel Gohlar ).
Today I am the coach of China Top Team, where I train the Chinese Zhang Tiequan.
The first Chinese to sign a contract with the WEC and UFC, Tiequan had two fights in the WEC. Where he won one and lost another, he  debut in UFC 127 in Sydney and won by submission.

If you want to train with us, this is our contact address:
Mobile: (86) 13671031649
Address: Shop 203, 1A Jindi Mingjing, Chaoyang District, Beijing - China

If you want Seminar and talk to me, please call me- ( 86 ) 13671031649


Anonymous said...

Props. I love China and am so happy to see some real jiu jitsu there.

Ruy Menezes said...

Thank you, I try my best.
If want come training with us, please call me. 13671031649

Ruy Menezes

CTT Head Coach

Anonymous said...

Hi! where is your gym located?? i am from wudaokou, is it really far? i a new here in china, and i really want to learn bjj! do you teach beginners? and how much is the rate? thank you so much! you can email me in shoti_mac@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

My son will be in Beijing for the month of July studying Mandarin. He is 15 and is currently a green belt with Gracie Barra in Vernon, British Columbia, Canada.
He would love to train with you if possible.

guyyoshimitsu said...

I want to come train at ctt do you have email?

My email guyyoshimitsu@gmail.com

Ruy Menezes said...

Dear Friends, students, and interested in learning BJJ with me in China Top Team.
I no longer work in CTT, sorry for replying and thanks for writing this site.
Nobody in China is authorized to use my name, when that happens I'll be the first to speak here.