Prof Marcelo Steenhagen (BJJ 4th degree black-belt)

Coach Li Qi Tong (BJJ purple-belt)
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K1-CLUBHERO distinguished professional Muay Thai champion and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt instructor trainer so that every single member abandoned boring training equipment, physical training with a new integrated way. To achieve fitness, weight loss, stress release results over the same period of professional training courses and also offers children's children's Jiu-Jitsu Muay Thai Pavilion textbooks to teach one to one semi-private training methods, so that each member can be ready to accept the coach's personal guidance. Experience the fun of professional boxer is the most stylish fitness items.

Shanghai Red Square K1 Hero House is our third Hall. Shanghai Museum also continued K1 Hero House of the unique art style both high-end, which is located in Changning Shanghai Xujiahui shopping district and the northern district of ancient ideas between the Red Square garden, transportation, park around the sculpture , top design firms, coffee bar, art gallery and so on. Nearly 2,000 square meters of venues and facilities is extremely comprehensive, including imports from Thailand, the ring TWINS competitions, special imitation octagon fighting cage, TWINS sandbags, walls, target, speed balls, boxing gloves, boxing target, etc., also equipped with some of the fitness equipment, such as: dumbbells, barbells, strength gyms, etc., and the Marine Corps physical training equipment specified - TRX suspension system, as well as a comfortable lounge area, changing rooms, shower rooms, nutrition, juice bar, are white-collar the best fitness and expatriates Hall. 

Shanghai Hero House specifically recruited from the United States, Thailand, Brazil and the Philippines to the top coaching team and put a lot of money to build a first-class Shanghai's largest and most professional MMA, Muay Thai Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, training center, in order to make the urban elite are in the most professional environment to experience the thrill of fighting training sway, while allowing the release of their own will and also to get to hone and improve physical fitness, to more full of self-confidence to meet life's challenges more! 

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