Dear BJJ-ASIA readers. I received this announcement from the Checkmat Malaysia Team requesting that I post this as I have in the past to protect students from fraud. The Nucleo JJ Team has been contacted about this matter already. -Luke                    



It has come to our attention that one of our former students who trained at Checkmat Malaysia from December 2010 - January 2011 is now claiming the rank of purple belt in BJJ, and has opened a school in Xi'An, China. This person, Dan Adamant, started his BJJ training with us 6 months ago, as a completely new white belt, with matching white belt skills.

It comes as a complete shock to us that he is now wearing a brand new purple belt within such a short time frame. We would like to officially state that this person is not affiliated with Checkmat BJJ in any way, even though he has a picture of himself wearing a gi with a Checkmat patch on his Facebook page.

He has also officially claimed affiliation with Equipe Nucleo Jiujitsu, who via one of their black belts, Rhuando Brandao, have stated that they did not give him the rank of purple belt, or any rank for that matter. He will need to explain himself to relevant parties.

We are sending this note out to inform the community about this person and the mentioned team. If he feels the need to clear the air, he is most welcome, in fact, he is obliged to do so. He will need to explain his training history, how he obtained a purple belt within a 6 month time frame, and the instructor who awarded the belt to him.

We feel that it is extremely important for us to clarify this situation, as we do not want to be associated with this person or school in any manner. Thanks.

Checkmat Malaysia/Escobar BJJ Team