The FIGHT CLUB BRAZILIAN STARS event has the mission to bring to Brazil an MMA event with international level. The event aims to be reference in organization and infra-structure for this kind of event.
The first round of this battle will happen at 20th July, 3:00 PM PST and will be broadcasted LIVE on the internet by onlinefightchannel.com. 

Brazilian MMA event featuring the fights to watch, straight from Brazil!

Watch live, on the internet! FIGHT CLUB BRAZIL STAR will take place in Rio de Janeiro, the capitol of MMA in Brazil. This first edition promises to revolutionize the Brazilian MMA market.
With excellent fights on the card, the event brings much emotion to the public, with electrifying, well matched fights. Watch ex-UFC Champion and Pride FC veteran Murillo Bustamonte’s last career fight against Japan’s YUYA SHIRAI, Champion of DEEP. Also, don’t miss the explosive, action packed match between Jeff Glover and Márcio “Pé de Pano” Cruz. 

With many other top Brazilian athletes on this stacked card: Delson “Pé de Chumbo” Heleno, Ronnys Torres and Daniel Acácio.

ONLY $ 9.99 to watch the even in your home with colorful English commentary by native speakers who understand the sport
We invite you to watch live, via internet, through the onlinefightchannel.com, the latest MMA event taking place on July 20th, in Rio de Janeiro, World capitol of MMA.

The event brings a new level to organization and quality, with the intention of becoming the reference of Brazilian MMA.

In its first edition, a card packed with stars, including a super-fight between Murilo Bustamante (former UFC Middleweight Champion) and DEEP champion Shinai. In the co-main event, explosive Glover Texeira, who is out to prove he is one of the best active fighters in Brazil, and the warrior Marcio "Pe de Pano" Cruz, who is out for challenges in his career, with one of those including a win over UFC athlete Frank Mir. 

Aside from the main card the event brings a 77kg GP with known fighters like Daniel Acacio and "Fulano de Tal". All this beside a highlighted fight between Nova Uniaos focused Ronnys Torres and Gordo Jiu-jitsu's vicious Eduardo Pachu.

In the event's first edition the event it is a show not to miss! Don't miss what could be the last career fight of Murilo Bustamante and a list of fights that promise to bring action straight to you through the onlinefightchannel.com.

Watch the entire event live on the onlinefightchannel.com for only $9.99USD, including video on demand access after the event.

Don't miss the latest event of Brazilian MMA that will prove to be a big show!

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