Things are really blowing up in HK as I have the great pleasure of announcing Thomas Fan's promotion to black-belt by Prof 'Ze' Marcello. As the head of Kylin Jiu-Jitsu, Thomas has been a key figure in the growth of jiu-jitsu and MMA in Hong Kong. A big congrats to my friend and to all his students, some of who also received promotions. -Luke

from Kylin BJJ:

Thomas Fan and Kylin BJJ recently hosted our second seminar in Hong Kong with Professor Jose "Ze" Marcello Figueira Rodrigues of Ze Marcello Jiujitsu and Icon Team.  The Professor taught gi and no gi techniques for a week at Triquest and two other days at Grips and Versus. 

On the final day with Kylin, the Professor promoted two of our guys to purple belts: Andy Chan and Ken Man!  Kylin's founder and teacher Thomas Fan was awarded his Black Belt by Ze Marcello to a gym full of thunderous applause!  Thomas is Ze's first black belt in Asia, and the first Chinese black belt in China.  We are very proud of him for this achievement and we are looking forward to reviewing and implementing all of the incredible techniques we learned from our week with Professor Ze.

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good job Thomas !