Mr Blud here, commenting on Thailands more recent MMA production, Dare 1/11. Be sure to check out more from one of the scene's more active members of the SEA community in MMA. Vaughn 'Blud' Anderson is an active MMA fighter and instructor, currently teaching at Legacy Gym in Ubon, TH.


Took the weekend off at Legacy gym to come down to Bangkok and support the Kingdom’s newest MMA promotion and the new breed of up-and-coming fighters getting their feet wet.  Considering it was their first event run by guys new to the MMA circuit the DARE show was really well organized.  I paid my 1100 B (cheap seats) and was stoked to get a table cageside!  It was the best seat in the house.

Most fights were well matched, with only 1 fight being miss-matched where a lighter, less experienced fighter tapped from punches early in the first round.  The rest either ended with cuts or went the distance.  Fighters that stood out were Yoann Gouaida who, in my opinion, was the MVP of the show and both Thai fighters Ngoo Ditty and Detchoot Detsurian also fought well, going for takedowns and submissions- not fighting at all like I was expecting with a high muay thai stance and a slow start.  They both had the local crowd going nuts, especially Ditty!

In Thailand MMA is simply called ‘wrestling’ so obviously there isn’t much interest amongst the locals that can’t see the difference between UFC and Smackdown, but that seems to be changing.  The locals were well into the show last night and knew what was up on the ground, too.  I’d like to see Ajarn Nuay from Legacy fighting in DARE.  He’s up there in title contention for best Thai MMA fighter.

With more shows like this one, now is a better time than ever to come train at Legacy, work with the pro MMA and Muay Thai fighters, and get yourself a scrap!  or as the locals might say, ‘get wrestling’!  Check out the legacy site here:  www.legacygym.com

Fight reviews:

Will Chope vs Milkman

All 3 rounds spent on the cage were both fighters threw knees punches and some elbows.  Milkman tried repeatedly for takedowns and was able to get 2 but couldn’t capitalize on them.  Chope wins by decision.

Detchoot Detsurian vs Won Seok Jung

Try saying those names 3 times fast.  Detchoop explodes from the start with a flying elbow and drives fight to the ground.  The Thai fighter locks up a cutting armbar from guard (I am not making this up) Jung escapes and let’s off a flurry of strikes many landing, including an elbow that cut Detchoop above the eye.  Either the gnp or the cut stopping the fight, I am not sure which.

Lynx vs Brain Choi

This fight was fun to watch.  Choi succeeded in getting the takedown a few times easily in the first, and controlled well on the ground.  As the fight continued the Lynx (can’t remember his real name) stuffed more takedown attempts locked up a guillotine and a very nice reverse triangle, but Choi eventually escaped both…. it did look like he barely avoided unconsciousness both times though. Choi got the decision.  Way to hang in there, Champ.

Yoann vs Keslar

Yoann opened with connecting strikes right away.  Keslar got the takedown but Yoann managed to scramble to the top.  Yoann lands a bunch of good punches and elbows eventually cutting Keslar under the eyebrow- stopping the fight.  Keslar was fine, and was having a beer and partying shortly after the fight.

Ditty vs Daniel

Going the distance with both fighters connecting on their feet, but Ditty got the best of the ground fighting, dominant positions, submission attempts, gnp - taking the decision.

Ferrid vs Zorro

These guys aren’t new to fighting at all.  Ferrid has a bunch of MMA fights and is an Olympic Judo vet and Zorro (I was told) is a Mudials champion.  This was the fight I was most interested in.  I liked what I saw, too.  Expecting this to be a ground war but it was fought mainly on the feet.  Zorro used his reach well and showed us he’s been training Muay Thai.  Head kicks, knees to the head and body, elbows- we saw it all.  Ferrid seemed to handle the power of the shots fine though and landed a few big bombs of his own that looked like they had KO power behind them.  On the ground Zorro had the back a few times but Ferrid played it well.  Zorro took the split-decision, but I thought he took it clean.

The Game vs Kai

Kai is taken down immediately, mounted, punched- he tapped out pretty quickly.  The ‘main event’ was a bit disappointing.  It’s good of Kai to try his best, but not sure why they picked this one for last fight of the night.  It was smart of The Game to do exactly what he does best, get the takedown, take the striker out of his element, explode with gnp- easy money is his pocket.    

I may have missed a few details.  I don’t work for DARE.  Last night I was just a guy having a drink watching some fights and now posting what I saw for my friends who weren’t there.  I may have missed a takedown or whatever.  Want more details? Watch the video.

Pay closer attention to my next update on the Legend FC preview where some of the bigger fish step into the ring July 16 at City of Dream Casino in Macau.  As always, Mike and I will be ringside giving fans at home the blow-by-blow verbal beatdown.  Check back in a week for what to expect with that card.

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Woah, they have MMA in ubon? That's pretty interesting, I would have thought that would be one of the last places you'd find MMA given the MT influence in Issan